We have implemented some changes we believe our user's will enjoy.

Some of these changes are in progress and not complete yet.
  1. We changed our banner to a more cleaner look
  2. Colors and sizes have changed slightly to be more pleasant
  3. External links will open in a new window so you may continue on our site.
  4. Clicking an image will open a blank white page with that image giving you the opportunity to more clearly see an image.
  5. Opening the image page will open in a new window (internet explorer) or a new tab (firefox) - depending on settings.

These are just a few examples of the many changes we are implementing for your better experience.

We have also included a privacy policy shown in our menu, please visit the privacy policy so you can feel more comfortable providing any information while contacting us.

If you wish to use any of our articles or any part of them, please visit the GNU Free Documentation License and we will be glad to share them with you.  You may also visit our printer friendly version, the link to the GNU Free Documentation License is on the bottom of every article, when printing, please keep this link on the bottom to let others you share your article know that it's available under those terms.