Help Find a Cure for Cancer



I call this the "charity store" for a reason.  Everything sold here was either given to us or purchased at a very low price.  The purpose of this is to generate a profit (of course).  However, the profits don't serve as an income to us, rather than that, 80% of everything collected from selling in this store is donated to a charity.


The current charity is Cancer Research Foundation of America.  Cancer prevention and early detection through research, education, and community outreach to all populations, including children and the undeserved.  Cancer is one of the most preventable life-threatening diseases facing Americans today.  You can significantly reduce your risk for cancer by: improving your diet, increasing your physical activity, quitting smoking, and getting recommended screenings.  If you wish to donate directly to the Cancer Research Foundation of America you can do so by clicking here.


PLEASE, if you or anyone you know wishes to donate items, please contact us via email and we will provide you with a mailing address.  If you are local to Central Florida, United States we can provide you with a drop-off location and best time.  Any necessity items (food, clothes, toiletries, etc.) will not be sold, they will be personally hand delivered to someone that needs it (homeless person, etc.).


We will also accept gift cards to stores and restaurants.  These gift cards will be given to those also in need (homeless person, handicapped or disabled, disabled veteran, the low income families, etc.)


Please give a helping hand and donate today.  You may also donate cash by clicking here if you wish.

Items for sale:




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