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Donald Faulknor

Senior Administrator

Deltona, Florida, US 32738

Please email us for any questions or concerns you have.  If you would like to submit an article, please do so at the above email address.  When submitting an article, please organize it the best you can (titles, sub-titles, body text, etc.) and send images or pictures as attachments and include a note at the bottom of the article titled "images placement" and briefly describe the best place in the article for each image to be placed.  Following these guidelines will assist us in maintaining the quality standards our users love!

Can't find an answer on the internet?  Please allow us to find the answers for you as we have a number of additional resources.  Ask us anything.  If we can find it, we'll tell you what the answer is.  If we can't find it, we'll attempt to find it.  If we still can't find it, we'll let you know and why we are unable to find your answer.





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