Florida Statutes Volume 1 - 1981



Florida Statutes 1 - 1981

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$ 19.95 USD

Florida Statutes Book 1 covers all Florida Statutes from Chapter 1 to Chapter 315 and is part of a 3 volume set.  The original price of this set was undetermined.  The price of a new set is $250 for all volumes.  You're probably thinking why do I want a law book from 1981.  If you or a client of yours committed a crime in 1981 or are being accused of committing a crime in 1981 (yes, cases do last this long and some are still unsolved) you are still bound by the laws from 1981 instead of the newly ammended laws.  Remember, $12 of the $15 profit will be going to help find a cure for cancer.


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