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Haplology is defined as the elimination of a syllable when two consecutive identical or similar syllables occur. The phenomenon was identified by American philologist Maurice Bloomfield in the 20th century.  Linguists sometimes jokingly refer to the phenomenon as "haplogy" (subjecting the word "haplology" to haplology).



1.    Syllables are both medial; and

2.  The structure of the two syllables is similar.





·        Basque: sagarrardo > sagardo 'apple cider'

·        English:

o   Engla land > England

o   Colloquial:

§  library (Amer. ˌlaɪˈbrəri) > ˌlaɪˈbəri

§  particularly > particuly

§  pierced-ear earrings > pierced earrings

§  probably > probly

·        Latin: nutritrix > nutrix 'nurse'



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