Hello Kids Let's Learn our ABCs and 123s



Hello Kids

Let's Learn our ABCs and 123s


This book was written for children just learning their ABCs and 123s and can be fun for all beginner readers.  The book was written by Donald Faulknor (the creator of You Can Never Be Too Smart).  To order fresh professionally created copies directly from the publisher, hot off the press...


To download a copy for less than a buck or to purchase a brand spankin’ new softcover book hot off the press, click the buy now button below.

Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.

Because this book was personally created by the administrator of You Can Never Be Too Smart, published by Lulu.com, and royalties of this book are at an all time low, profits earned from this book will not be going to cancer research but instead will be one of the few sources of income of the administrators.  Thank you for your purchase, your kids will love this book, I promise!


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